Metal Braces

Orthodontic braces are used to straighten crooked/misaligned teeth, close spaces between teeth, and help improve the bite. Metal brackets are “glued” to the teeth using an adhesive. An orthodontic wire is attached to the brackets to aid in moving/straightening the teeth. Ties and powerchain, available in several colors, are attached around the brackets.


Invisalign, sometimes called clear aligners, is another option for orthodontic treatment and moving teeth. Invisalign consists of clear trays that move the teeth (straighten teeth, close space, improve bite). Attachments, that are the color of the tooth, are sometimes bonded to the teeth to help the aligners move the teeth. This option is great for patients who want to improve their smile but don’t want the look of traditional metal braces. This treatment option is available for patients who have their permanent teeth (all primary/”baby” teeth have been lost).

Invisalign First

Invisalign First treatment is clear aligner treatment for patients typically between the ages of 8-10 years old who require early orthodontic treatment to correct/intercept orthodontic problems. These could be things such as crowding, teeth erupting in the wrong spot, or a crossbite/underbite. The aligners (clear trays) move the teeth to help correct the orthodontic problem. This option is ideal for patients/families who desire an option other than metal braces.


LightForce braces are highly customized braces made specifically for your child’s teeth. By using custom-fit braces, treatment time is typically shorter and more efficient than traditional metal braces. For this option, the first step is to take a scan of your child’s teeth. From this scan, custom braces are made to fit your child’s teeth. LightForce braces are clear/white. An orthodontic wire is attached to the braces to move the teeth.


After orthodontic treatment has been completed, retainers are needed to maintain the new position of the teeth. Custom-fit retainers are made for each patient after completion of orthodontic treatment.

There are different types of retainers such as clear retainers, Hawley (metal) retainers, or bonded retainers (glued to the back of the teeth). Dr. Johnson will discuss with you and your child which retainer option she recommends.


At JOP, we use the latest dental technology to provide great care to our patients. Our digital x-rays allow for images that will be efficiently examined on a computer screen and easily sent to you or your dentist. We also use an intraoral scanner to capture a real-time image of your child’s teeth to assist in diagnosis, treatment planning, and fabrication of custom orthodontic appliances. The scanner is an excellent alternative for patients who prefer not to have impressions/molds taken of their teeth.


After orthodontic treatment, many patients desire to have whiter/brighter teeth! We have a solution to achieve a more radiant smile. We offer at-home whitening gel that can be used with clear retainers or with custom-fit bleaching trays. Just one more way to elevate your smile!

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